Blue heaven gel highclass escort münchen

blue heaven gel highclass escort münchen

, and can really take you to the limit if thats what you want. Dean San Fran, Sep 2016 Semi Competitive I spent two hours with Sara and it was unbelievable. Firstly, I have to say Sara looks fantastic, she is in great shape. Edwin Amsterdam, October 2016 Semi Competitive / Scissoring / Arm Wrestling A session with Sara is really an amazing experience. I am very impressed by Saras strength, wrestling skills as ability to provide a very customized session.

Hand over mouth smothers are one of her favourite moves and this situation was often challenging for. She lifted me overhead twice as well. Ich sollte eines Besseren belehrt werden Im Hotel angekommen, öffnete mir eine athletische, hübsche junge Frau die Tür, bei der man auch gleich noch andere Gedanken haben könnte, als sich nur vermöbeln zu lassen. However I must confess that I was already rather exhausted at this moment. The session was incredible. I dont know the score (so Ill call it a draw!) but at the end of the session I was left with the feeling that next time I should probably book two hours, one for the session and one just to chat. She is a great actress and she was very domineering and forceful which I absolutely loved. Until that time, i wish Sara all the best. Stunning in appearance strong, both physically in taking control. All the while teasing me with her smack talk.

If your a mixed wrestling fan Id definitely recommend meeting her if shes in your area. I asked her to wear a lone piece hi cut thong back leotard and did she ever look smoking hot in it! Her body is very attractive and her muscles strong enough to give any man his due beating; or worshiping session. We sat down and had a little chat and she listened to what I had to say. Upon my request the session was fantasy session focusing on head scissors and face sitting. Axel Munich, April 2016 Mixed / Wrestling / Domination In spring 2016 I had my first session with Sara lips. Rob Forest Cork, January 2016 Mixed Wrestling / Scissoring / Lift and Carry I recently had the pleasure of a wrestling session with Sarah lips. Steve London, Feb 2017 Semi competitive She is a keen wrestler and although there was a difference in skill and size (I am quite large and have a lot of experience from young, now possessing a black. The first thing that strikes me is how breathtakingly beautiful she.

When I saw Sara for the first time, I noticed how larger than life she was. The playful / semi-competitive wrestling session we had went over two hours of sweating and laughing with some really strong scissors, light chokes and good head locks where the conversation stopped for obvious reasons. Jo London, November 2017- Role Play / Muscle Worship / Belly Punching / Scissoring. Its the whole experience you have when your with her. We agreed that Sara would improvise on the story on the day to keep it interesting. I can thoroughly recommend. World to purchase this domain. You ask for your favorite leg-lift, which she executes without effort lying on her back. Free Delivery for orders over 100. First she is so easy on the eyes, you simply forget you are about to be handed a lesson in female dominance.

Visit m to view photos of Sri e photos of Sri Lanka in this travel photo gallery from National Geographic. I hope they are not as strong as they look. You will not be disappointed. I have pressed against her arm full force but I could not prevent that she has pressed down my arm within few ra is really insane strong. Benjamin B Munich, May 2018 Mixed Wrestling / Fantasy Domination. I decided to start with lift and carry and then she lifted and carried me in several r example she gave me a cradle carry lift and I felt myself like a little boy. I thought Sara would get really troubles to wrestle against such a strong and particularly heavy guy like.


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TD1 Dublin, December 2015 Muscle Worship Wellwhere do i start. Then she put me over her shoulder and walked me around the room effortlessly and even held me in a cradle. Sara is one of the most genuine, caring, intelligent, creative and passionate women that you will encounter in session wrestling. I pressed with all my strength against her arm but I could not shift her arm away from the start position. She focused to the letter my role play scenario with the attire and script I requested. Paul Murdoch Glasgow, Feb 2017 Semi Competitive wrestling I had my first session with Sara in Glasgow and its one of my best Ive had. . She is unusually strong for her size, very attractive and has a truly beautiful physique.

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Blue heaven gel highclass escort münchen

At times you might notice her somewhat moaning from effort, but equally youre wondering about whether she does the show or you at least make some demand on ra shines through Princess Pain and Princess Pain will turn into Sara, a permanent transformation. She looks smaller than her listed weight of 156 pounds, and I am 165. You stretched straightened and sorted me out to the max. I am a very big guy who works out almost every day but Sara obviously had more wrestling experience so we turned out to be quite evenly matched with both of us scoring submissions. Wenn sie ernst macht, kann man die Hand zum Abklopfen gleich mal bereit machen, denn das dauert dann nicht lange. Awesome World Videos And Images from all Around the World. Liam Munich, May 2018 Mixed Wrestling / Domination. I enjoyed every moment with her, being in her control Stefan Berlin, June 2016 Fantasy Wrestling / Face Sitting / Domination I just had a wonderful session with Sara Lips contained fantasy wrestling, face sitting and domination. Her legs are like steel and shes able to easily make me tap out.

She is very much into her vacations. We could have done without that as Sara proved to be stronger than me and wrestled me down without much effort. When the day of the session finally came around, I was pretty much a nervous wreck all day. Free Read And Download of Top Book Collection at here. I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting her. Get ready to have a sore neck for at least 2 days! I will most certainly be linking up for another session, in fact I doubt Ill go anywhere else ever again.

I suspect that she was possibly a little kind to me although not for a second was it obvious. She also smothered me with her butt, and I was astonished at the amount of pressure she was able to bring to this pin. She was prompt in communicating, proved totally reliable, was on-time and she is not a clock-watcher. Im about 6 inches taller than Sara and out-weigh her by about 60-65lbs, but didnt stand a chance. You Can Watch Movie Streaming Anywere In The World #movie #unlimited #collection #watch #quality #high #play Recommended Ebook Collection.

I know Sara has great plans for her website and she will also be touring regularly so if she comes to your town then I would suggest you make every effort to arrange a session. She ground my left side like she wanted to turn it into a gel, and its uncomfortably sore today. Sara is a very attractive sexy, athlete. Do not miss the opportunity to be in her strong gripits an experience that will make you smile like a Cheshire cat as you reflect back. She then took the opportunity to do some domination holds on me (as agreed beforehand some of which I never experienced before. During the preparation phase Sara did everything to be able to provide a very personal session and meet my expectations. First of all, setting up the session was a breeze. Equally she is also a great conversationalist and an intelligent person, who Id have been happy to spend time with just chatting, as she puts you at terms of wrestling, she was a little under the weather when.

You are exhausted, Princess Pain has vanished, a friendly farewell conversation with Sara will only reveal part of her fine, pleasant personality, you keep wondering if Princess Pain is (as Sara states) shy and submissive in real life or if this is just Saras coquetry. We went through some wrestling moves and again this was a complete mismatch. Although I weigh 190 pounds and work out religiously with weights, she easily beat me in arm wrestling with both arms. I was pleasantly surprised when I entered her large and very clean hotel room. This has definitely been one of the most entertaining contacts and sessions in my career. Es folgte eine äußerst intensive Session die uns Beide ordentlich ins Schwitzen brachte und bei der sie beinahe wie durch Gedankensteuerung auf alle meine Aktionen einging und kraftvoll konterte.

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Insgesamt hatten wir bis dahin sicher 10x hin und her geschrieben, wo andere Damen schon längst die Schnauze voll gehabt hära war immer höflich, zuvor kommend und sehr bemüht. Not to mention her evident beauty and elegant sexiness, of course, since during our session she was wearing a bikini and at the beginning high heels that made her as tall as me (1m 80cm).We met in a comfortable. I know its a cliche to say people look better in the flesh than they do on the screen but Sara is stunning and as we chatted beforehand it was hard to believe that she really is into her wrestling. Unfortunately I came something later but nevertheless Sara has welcomed me very friendly. Unfortunately all good things come to end and before I knew it the session was over.